Miss & Mister Louisiana True Beauty Pageant Winners!

March 13, 2011
These are the winners for the Miss & Mister Louisiana True Beauty Pageant 2011.  All of the contestants were beautiful and everyone got a crown!!!

0-11 Months Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - McKenzie
Prettiest Smile - Alyssa
Most Photogenic - McKenzie
Most Beautiful - McKenzie
Best Fashion - Annaleigh
Best OOC - McKenzie
Princesses - Addision, McKenzie, Raelynn, Alyssa
Queen - Annaleigh
12-23 Months Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Landry
Prettiest Smile - Madilyn
Most Photogenic - Janeyah
Most Beautiful - Landry
Best Fashion - Janeyah
Best OOC - Landry
Princesses - Janeyah, Alexia, Gracie, Madilyn
Queen - Landry
2 Year Old Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Khandi
Prettiest Smile - Madalyn
Most Photogenic - Tatum
Most Beautiful - Madalyn
Best Fashion - Madalyn
Best OOC - Madalyn
Princesses - Clara, Kameron, Khandi
Queen - Tatum
3 Year Old Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Makenzie
Prettiest Smile - Makenzie
Most Photogenic - Makenzie
Most Beautiful - Makenzie
Best Fashion - Jordan Eaton
Best OOC - Makenzie
Queen - Jordan
4-6 Year Old Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Carly
Prettiest Smile - Carly
Most Photogenic - Tori
Most Beautiful - Carly
Best Fashion - Carly
Best OOC - Tori
Princesses - Amanda, Carly
Queen - Cammy
7-9 Year Old Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Lauren
Prettiest Smile - Deanna
Most Photogenic - Rachel
Most Beautiful - Deanna
Best Fashion - Lauren
Best OOC - Lauren
Princesses - Deanna
Queen - Rachel
10 and up Girls:
Prettiest Eyes - Taylor
Prettiest Smile - Taylor
Most Photogenic - Caitlin
Most Beautiful - Caitlin
Best Fashion - Caitlin
Best OOC - Caitlin
No Queen since all pulled for supreme titles!
Prettiest Eyes - Rebel
Prettiest Smile - Rebel
Most Photogenic - Braden
Most Handsome - Braden
Best Fashion - Braden
Best OOC - Braden
No King since all pulled for supreme titles!

Boys Mini Supreme - Rebel
Girls 0-3 year Mini Supreme - Makenzie
Girls 4 and up Mini Supreme - Taylor
Beauty Supreme - Carly
Photogenic Supreme - Caitlin
OOC Supreme - Lauren
People's Choice - Khandi
Boys Grand Supreme - Braden
Girls 0-3 year Grand Supreme - Abby
Girls 4 and up Grand Supreme - Tori
Ultimate Grand Supreme - Madalyn


Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant Winners!

November 7, 2010

These are the winners of this year's Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant.  Congratulations to them all!!!

Divisional Queen winners:
Giana G.
Embry B.
Kammi Jo B.
Destiny C.

Mini-Supreme winners:
Gracie W.
McKenzie H.

Beauty Supreme winner:
Morgan B.

Photogenic Supreme winner:
McKayden M.

Halloween Costume Supreme winner:
Tori B.

Grand Supreme winners:
Natalie B.
Layla C.

Ultimate Grand Supreme winner:
Amelia B.

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More Titles Added!

July 11, 2010
Moms -

You spoke and we are listening.  The overwhelming majority of responses were for more titles.  As they say "Ask and you shall receive". 

We are adding 3 supreme titles to the Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant:  Beauty Supreme, Photogenic Supreme, and Halloween Costume Supreme.

We are also looking into adding more titles to the Santa's Elves' Christmas Pageant.

The 2nd most common response was to make entering monetarily easier and all inclusive.  Therefore, after these two pageants, all of...
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Summertime Is Officially Here!

June 21, 2010

Today is June 21st - the official start of summer.  However, to us in Louisiana, summertime temperatures began a couple of months ago.  Today's forcast for the Shreveport area is 100 degrees F.  If your going to be out and about, please make sure to drink plenty of water and stay cool.  This is especially true for our little babies who can't tell us they are too hot.  Just want everyone to be safe and healthy!

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Pageant Moms! We want to hear from you!

April 21, 2010
What things do want to happen at pageants your child enters?  What types of awards (trophies, plaques, medals, bonds, cash, toys, etc) to you prefer, which do you not?  How far would you travel to attend a pageant?

Let us know!!!

We want to improve our pageants and help other directors improve theirs!  The only way we can improve is if we know.  You can email me directly at bgunsolus@att.net .  We will post the results in a couple of weeks (all results posted will be annonymous).

Thank you...
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Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant!

April 12, 2010
Come join us on Sunday Oct. 24th for the Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant in Bossier City, LA!

There are two events: 1) the Beauty competition and 2) the Halloween Costume competition

Beauty attire is flower girl or pageant dress and there are no restrictions on hair or make-up.
Halloween Costume:  Be creative!  Contestants may bring their own music (2 minutes max) and may use props (please no fire, no dry ice, and nothing that would "drip" on stage).

Divisions:  0-23 months   2-3 years  4-6 years...
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