About Us

We are not new to pageants.  Our belief is that pageants are more than just about beauty.  Pageants give girls (and boys) an outlet to learn skills such as stage presence, poise, public speaking, in addition to fashion and modeling.  Also, just as sports does, they aim to teach how to both win an lose graciously.  These are desireable attributes for our youth to have as they grow up and have increasingly become necessary for certain careers and professions.
For myself, Brandy, I was a contestant in many pageants in my youth and I credit those pageants for many of my successes in life.  I have been able to reintroduce myself as a contestant in recent years with a top 25 finish in the Dallas preliminary of Oxygen Network's Miss F.A.T. in 2008.  I am the former Mrs. Bossier Parish Plus and was 1st runner up in the Mrs. Louisiana Plus America Pageant 2010.  I am also currently the reigning Lady Sabine Christmas Festival 2012.  I have been a pageant mom for my youngest son, Christopher.  In addition to these, I have also judged many pageants.  As owner of Fanciful Pageant Productions I produce a few pageants every year.
For the rest of my family: my oldest son, Zachary, has always been more interested in football than anything else.  My other and youngest son, Christopher, has done a couple of pageants, but like his brother, is more interested in sports (football and baseball).  My husband, Chris, is a gracious supporter, my wonderful pageant DJ, helpful pageant shopper, and routine helper.  He has a keen ear for music and this makes him a wonderful talent critic.
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