Come join us on Sunday Oct. 24th for the Fall Beauties Halloween Pageant in Bossier City, LA!

There are two events: 1) the Beauty competition and 2) the Halloween Costume competition

Beauty attire is flower girl or pageant dress and there are no restrictions on hair or make-up.
Halloween Costume:  Be creative!  Contestants may bring their own music (2 minutes max) and may use props (please no fire, no dry ice, and nothing that would "drip" on stage).

Divisions:  0-23 months   2-3 years  4-6 years  7-9 years  10-12 years  13 years and up
Supreme Divisions:  0-6 years & 7 years and up

Cash, Crowns, Sashes, and more will be awarded!  Everyone gets something!

Entry Fees:    Beauty & Halloween Costume (mandatory) $55
                     Photogenic (optional) $10 for one picture, $3 for each additional picture
                     Prettiest Hair, Eyes & Smile (optional) $10
                     Most Beautiful (optional) $10
                     Overalls (must be entered in all optionals) $10

This is going to be a fun pageant and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to The Providence House.

Contact: Mrs. Brandy at for an entry form.