As a former pageant mom and current director, the news that pageant childrens' pictures have been stolen and illegally posted on the Internet have outraged and disturbed me and my family.  As horrified as I am that someone is posting the pictures as roleplayers or any other game, I am not surprised by this activity occuring.  In today's technology age we must be careful in how our children are broadcast on the Internet where predators are lurking everywhere.

Here in North Louisiana we still have in recent memory Justin Bloxom, a 12 year old who met someone pretending to be a twelve year old girl on a social networking site.  Instead he met a known sex offender who gained access to the boy via his employment as a taxi driver, who then brutally attacked and killed the boy.

The Internet is a wonderful place, but full of hidden dangers.  I urge you to check the following link that has more thorough information regarding the pictures of our children being posted as well as how to get the pictures taken down.  My biggest fear is that someone will see one of these children's pictures and either use it inappropriately or it be the beginning of something more sinister.

I pray that each and every one of our children are protected and kept safe.